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Lord Ganesh - An Objective View

In our day-today life we have seen that a very popular personality is often revered to such an extent that its personality gets surrounded by legends and sometimes even the powers of performing miracles are attributed to it. So much so that it appears like a fiction. An increasing influence of these, over the years makes the real personality rather hazy and mystic. Why, even if we go some centuries back we will find that even saints and historical figures of those times have become legends in their own time. If that is the case about mortal beings then there is no wonder about the interesting tales/ stories that surround several Gods and Goddesses of our Hindu Religion- a religion which dates back to thousands of years. Among all these, Lord Ganesh -a Protector and the one who enlightens us - is one prominent deity which is held in highest reverence by the masses.

Over the years this reverence was further strengthened by the several storytellers who narrated interesting stories about the deities in their discourses. Such tales not only entertained and amused the gathering but also helped in propagating the powers of the deities. The devotees were held in an awe while die-hard faithful continued to believe in those stories. Those whose vision had widened with exposure to science and whose minds were trying to find out the ultimate were some times found to be confused. This may perhaps have been the result of mindset of the people of those times who accepted such stories passed by generations downwards. In that age of innocence nobody thought of testing the obvious on the touchstone of logic. Whether there was any substance or not in the story of crow and sparrow it has to be admitted that it definitely added colour to the childhood. As we grow up and recall our childhood we ourselves are surprised as to how as a child we believed in that story which is totally devoid of any reasoning or logic and we start to think that even mythological stories may not also be different.

Thoughts about stories of Lord Ganesh

However, it would be a fallacy to discard such stories or mythological tales as pure fiction. For proper understanding of these stories it is necessary that we apply certain references to understand the logical meaning implied in these stories. Therefore, let us confine ourselves here about the stories of Lord Ganesh.

Lord Ganesh or Ganapati being very popular with the masses, several stories attributed to him found their place in the mythology, particularly dwelling on His Birth, His Body and His Heroic Deeds. Though the description of those things appear to be weird or incredible today, it has to be borne in mind that these came into being centuries ago. Ruskin has compared words to the coins- meaning thereby that just as coins after its constant use become so smooth or glabrous that we tend to question its validity or veracity so also the words because of its use over the years tend to undergo drastic change and the ancient meaning becomes difficult to understand. However, if we make sincere efforts by going deep into its meaning the real meaning unfolds before us. For example let us think about story of Birth of Ganapati.

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