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Gananayak Ganapati   (contd...)

Restraints for Collective Existence

Nowadays the collective existence in the society is distorted and agitated. Barbarism is on the rise. Greed for material pleasures is getting an upper hand. To cleanse the society from this scourge and lead healthy collective existence invoking Lord Ganesh is necessary. The persons working in a group must have love for the group. They should feel that 'this is my group'. Then only the affection for the group will increase. Each member should realise that the work of the group is, in fact, his own and he must feel proud to do the work assigned to him. While working in a group one should not have expectation for name and fame nor one should crave for power and for amassing wealth.

While working in a group there should be dynamism and it should be adorned with spotless character. Only a man of such character can bring about social reformation. The leader of the group must possess the three important qualities viz. Foresight, thorough knowledge of the head and heart of work (Karyadarshanpratibha) and versatility.

Pandurangshastri Athavale

Translated from the article in Marathi from
'Shree Sarvajaneek Ganeshotsav- Shatkachi Vatchal.'

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