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Lokmanya Tilak's visit to our Ganesh festival
on 16th September, 1901

First Lecture

"Celebration of Ganapati Festival started this year on 16th September. The very first day of the festival here has become a grand scenario. Mr. Bal Gangadhar Tilak and others have come to Bombay for provincial conference. Taking advantage of Mr. Tilak's visit to Bombay; organisers of some festivals had invited Mr. Tilak to deliver lecture. The first such lecture was organised in Keshavji Naik Chawls. Anticipating Mr. Tilak's lecture during Ganesh Festival thousands of people had gathered in Keshavji Naik Chawls to attend the same. Naraharshastri Godse delivered the lecture on "Gruhsthashram". Mr. Tilak elaborated the importance of the topic covered by Godeshastri.

News item published in Marathi Daily "Kesari".

Lokmanya Tilak's Visit to Ganesh Festivals in Mumbai in 1901

"A correspondent of the "Kal" gives a glowing account of the enthusiastic ovation that Mr. Tilak is said to have received at the hands of the Deccanis in Bombay during short stay in the city after the work of provincial conference was over. He writes :- Mr. Tilak was entertained on the 16th September at pan supari parties in several Chawls where Ganapati Idols were installed that day being the first of the annual Ganapati Festival. The same day he was asked to preside at two public lectures on religious subjects, in connection with the same festival. At all these places immense crowds of people had assembled to have a look at Mr. Tilak and to do honour to him. Flowers were showered up on him and flags and buntings with words of welcome written up on them were hung in the premises of some chawls. In one chawl he was made to walk upon white cloth spread all along the path leading to the place of his reception. At one place Mr. Tilak declared his intention of continuing to do service to the public if they approved and accepted it. The correspondent thanks Mr. Tilak for giving the Bombay public an opportunity of repaying in some small way the deep debt of obligation which he says it owes to him. He says that the first day of the Ganapati Festival in Bombay may be regarded rather as 'the day of welcoming Mr. Tilak. In conclusion he says that his object of giving a detailed description of the reception accorded to Mr. Tilak is to undeceive those who still hate Mr. Tilak in vain.

Translation of the extract from the Marathi newspaper "Kal".

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