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Essay Competition

In 1992, we decided that the centenary celebrations should not remain restricted to the Ganesh festival but should go on for the entire year and everybody should participate in it. So we organised an open-to-all Essay Competition on 'Ganesh Festival, Past, Present and Future'. The competition received such a good response that we were encouraged to hold it every year.

Our objective behind this competition is to inculcate among students a habit to read, think and write on subjects other than their curriculum. So we send an appeal to various schools and colleges in Maharashtra to participate in the competition. Experts in respective fields judge the essays.

From this year, our essay competition will be known as Lokmanya Tilak essay competition. The subjects of the competition held so far, include 'The Curse of Casteism in Hindu Society', 'Learning From Kargil', 'The Spread of Computers and Its Consequences' etc.


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