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Know Your Maharashtra Competition (Olakh Maharashtrachi)

This year we had arranged a new competition called 'KNOW YOUR MAHARASHTRA' or 'OLAKH MAHARASHTRACHI' the purpose behind this competition was to let students learn more about Maharashtra, apart from what the syllabus says. The competition was organised because it has been observed that the changes in the education system are taking students away from Maharashtrian culture and social life.

We have collected nearly 500 Questions and Answers on Maharashtra with the help of Mr. V A Buva, who is a well-known personality in literature field. The booklet was issued containing 150 questions and Answers on Maharashtra's Culture, Geography, History, and Politics. The booklets were distributed to 500 Schools (300 English and 200 Marathi Schools).

We had requested every school to send 5 students. 70 schools participated. Nearly 330 students were present for the competition. Which was held at Jawahar Bal Bhavan, Charni Road on 7th January 2001.

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